Monday, August 20, 2012

Credibility - need of the hour!

In today's world, we think money is the ultimate superpower. But there is something else that each one of us unknowingly strives for continually - Credibility. We all think we want a good education, a good job in a good company or a good profit earning methodology to earn more money. But it's not really the monetary benefit that we are (or should be) hunting for, it’s the ultimate satisfaction of being believable. It's the feeling that our words and thoughts matter to other people. It's the trust our fellow citizens have in us that will get us the position and fame that we wish for, not just the money. Money can be earned in various ways, but if you are a person that someone can have a faith in, then the money will come and eventually will stay with you longer.

Credibility is, by all means, a mutual give and take of intangible assets. It's like the barter system in the olden days - you give some, you get some.

This phenomenon has numerous examples from all walks of life - 
  • The intake of the major business schools around the world each year. These schools want to take individuals who can add value to these institutions and these students wish to join the top business schools to add a feather in their resume. The schools become famous because of its (ex)students and hence, more successful students want to join such schools.
  • Your colleagues, your friends or your companions you choose for yourself. If eminent people know you well, you are deemed more valuable and trustworthy. Consequently, the people you know are considered reliable. 
  • In business circle, if one of your friends is a successful businessman, your credibility points increase automatically.
  • Globally, if a major developed nation supports your country, the trustworthiness of your country manifolds.
  • In case of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if an authentic website links back to your site, you earn brownie points. And hence the back and forward links prove to be major factors in deciding your online footprint.
  • And so on…

It's this give and take of credibility that the renowned people work with. The more credible value you add to an organization or a relationship with another person, the more (in)credible you yourself become. That's how it works! 
As it's said - "A person is known by the company he/she keeps..."

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