Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To be Silent or not to be...

It's often said that Silence is a virtue of Fools. But is it really? I have pondered over it a few times and have realized that being silent is actually the virtue of the most intelligent and rational people. To know when to speak up and when not to takes a lot of intellectual understanding of the situation one is into.
As children, we often answer all the questions that we are asked rather innocently thus blabbing out the truth. Since childhood, we're always taught that we should not lie to people, but nobody stops us from being silent. Being silent is not equivalent to lying. But one learns when to keep mum only with experience.

The best example when to keep silent is when one is an argument. More often than not, we regret what we say in an argument, because we are angry and we do not have control over our thoughts. We often hurt our close ones by saying things we don't usually mean. There are times when we speak thoughtlessly in our professional life and occasionally pay the price for doing so. Silence comes in as a very handy tool in such situations. Silence has the power to solve the most complicated issues, as it helps you gain control over your mind and think rationally.
Silence doesn't always mean not talking to others. It even means to calm your own psyche and ponder over your own thoughts. Metaphorically, it means to turn the vigorous sea of thoughts in your mind into a state of a composed lake.

Having said that, being silent is sometimes perceived as a sign of shyness or cowardice. Thus, one needs to maintain an equipoise in one's actions and her expressions. People who manage to achieve this equilibrium emerge as great leaders, as they can maintain their authority as well as be mindful of not revealing more than what they should.

Essentially, silence helps us contemplate over our past actions, gather our current thoughts and contrive what our future actions will be. Don't you think?

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