Monday, May 28, 2012

Friends are Relatives you make for yourself

Friends are people in our life who are connected to us not by blood, but by soul. God doesn’t really give us a choice in the blood relations we have (mother, father, and the rest of the family), but we do have all the liberty of making friends and choosing them for ourselves. We get closer to them with complete cognizance and, in most cases, have a choice in the friends we want to hold on to. It’s also a popular belief that you’re judged by the friends you possess.

Everyone has friends, who are acquaintances, supporters, admirers and so on. But all of us have a few(or may be one) who are the closest to us. We call them our best friends and we preserve them as a witness to our life. We share secrets with them, love to hang out with them, enjoy their company. These are people who make our life worth living. Unfortunately, for many of us, our best friends keep changing over the course of time. We find new friends, we move on. But even though the person changes, the feeling in our heart for that one/few friends remains the same.

All animals, including humans, share a deep bond with their friends. All of us have memories with our friends, and these memories make our life worth living. It’s one gift that god leaves upon us to choose for ourselves.

Even I have a best friend, and I felt I must write a post to let her know how lucky I am to have her. Not every day we find people in our lives whom we wish to hold on to for long. Things might change in the future, situations might change, but she is someone who I’ll always remember as the one who helped me be who I am today. Our friends do influence our lives in magical ways, without us realizing. And the memories we share with these friends are something that defines us. I dedicate this blog post to you, and I earnestly wish we go on being the best buds forever. 

I know everyone who reads this post also has a person(s) in his/her mind right now. I would request you to go to that person(s) and tell him/her what he/she means to you. It’ll just strengthen your friendship - the best gift god gives us after our family!

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