Thursday, March 08, 2012

Blog numero uno

As i start writing my first blog, it's quite a mixed feeling.. A feeling of Excitement - because it's my first attempt at opening up to the world in the true sense(unlike twitter, where you have to restrict your sentences to 140 characters..i mean, how can anybody express their true emotions with a character limit!!) mixed with a flavor of joy of sharing knowledge and a tinge of fright - because it's quite intimidating to actually put your thoughts in ink and surface it to anyone on the World Wide Web(the www). Though some people blog with relative ease, i feel a sense of responsibility i owe to myself for sharing my thoughts, which i hope are unbiased,pure and true to myself. 

Having said that, it's quite amazing that we are experiencing a time, in which a simple guy like me can sit in Mumbai and punch in words, and someone remotely far can read them without having to know anything else about me except these three set of characters - This level of interfacing was unimaginable a few decades ago, but to the people belonging to the current Internet age it's a way of living. It's so easy for strangers to talk to anyone around these days and make friends, we feel, but this whole experience of talking to people over the internet is taking our lives to a superficial level. Today people wish their friends on their birthdays and anniversaries over Facebook and send cards via eGreetings, but how can an electronic message or a virtual card ever replace a hug or a shake hand? The personal touch to relationships is losing and we have nobody else to hold responsible but ourselves. We think we are making it easy for strangers to talk and make friends using the internet but what we are really doing is distancing ourselves from the already close ones using the same medium. Facebook, we say, has changed the way of socializing for good, but has it really? Earlier the friends who used to personally meet on weekends to catch up on the latest gossip, now sit online and chat to 10 more friends on the internet, but the essence of communicating with another person is missing. In this innovative age I wish we reach a stage, in which instead of our messages reaching another person we could personally transport in time/space(more like a 'time machine') and reach the desired place as quickly as our messages reach today. I earnestly hope that we will have something similar in the future and all these social networking sites are a stepping stone towards it. If it does come true humans would have crossed the biggest barrier known to them - time, but if it doesn't, we would really be living in a hypothetical world losing the most natural thing about us - physical interaction with another human.

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